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ABDOMINAL LOVE REVISED: Britney Brooks and Jill Lauren. The ultimate fusion of pleasure and pain, of submission and domination. Bellies used, abused, worshiped, and loved. Erotic, violent, sexy, and surreal. Revised in CLEAR HD viewing quality and cleare
    AB-DUCTED-(Revised): Out for a night of fun and clubbing...and falling victim to a couple of sexual predators, who decide that their helpless victim will SERVICE them...or be PUNCHED, over and over, into complete submission and compliance... This is mor
      Ginger! ABS to die for! Ginger meets Jill to have her Abdominal strength put to the test! Jill Lauren and Ginger make a deal from the start, if Ginger passes the test of ABS destruction while tied up, then Ginger gets to beat Jill while restrained the sa
        Agent Ember Skye & Agent Jill (Custom scripted video) REVISED. (stomach punching is full power) Secret Agents Ember and Jill who is assigned to go undercover as a contestant in a bikini contest in order to exchange money for a secret disc. Agent Ember &
          Title: ALLEY WAY (REVISED) Cast; Lexus vs.Controversy, Riot, Ginger. Location; New Alley Way. Story Line; Lexus is coming home late from getting her hair done at the salon and cuts through the backyard to get to the studio. Controversy, Riot & Ginger a
            Ariel is in the ring doing stretches. Controversy, Riot & Rampage enter the ring. They say that this is their time to use the ring. Controversy unloads on Aeriel's stomach knocking the wind out of her. They then drag a weakened Ariel to the corner where t
              Ashley Grace, with her new look. Jumped by a gang of 4 girls: AMIRA ROSE, UPGRADE, CONTROVERSY and TORI. ALL AT ONCE! Ashley was PULVERIZED!
                ASHLEY'S DREAM REVISED: Ashley Grace is invited to Jill Laurens work out room, Ashley had a dream that Jill worked her ABS over with an extreme abdominal work out while taking punches in the stomach. Then kisses and punches while Ashley's stomach is beat
                  Ashley vs Upgrade with Jill Lauren: Jill Lauren matches up Ashley and Upgrade for a Stomach Punching contest. Jill sees to it Ashley and Upgrade do their best to win this contest. Jill punishes Ashley and Upgrade with devastating blows because they we
                    ASHLEY GRACE returns to the studio for revenge not realizing 3 girls were there to gang up on her! Ashley Grace becomes scared after the three girls team up to destroy her. Jill Lauren, Upgrade and a new girl "Stardust" (in training) team up together to
                      Ashley Grace enters Jill's new ring thinking she was doing a photo shoot, Jill and Amo double team Ashley beating her one at a time then together. Ashley is put into holds while being punched. The punching continues for the entire time she spends in th
                        Baunfire vs Amo Full on punching contest in the ring. Jill's ring, Jill's rules. Jill beats the loser for losing while being held upright by the winner. Both girls need to win as they know getting beat by Jill would put them down. Amo and Baunfire have
                          BLACKOUT - Revised. Extreme Brutality. Jill Lauren pounded on the back breaker while fondled groped and fingered by a super powerful male attacker. Winded severally with little to no recovery. Abdominal wall busted beyond all and any limits.
                            Maria's Abdominal work-over breaks her down as she is being punched harder. Maria understands that she will be punched harder in the stomach and the beating will continue punch after punch with rapid fire blows not allowing any recovery time. Maria is to
                              Jill Lauren BRUTALLY Beaten in a cage. While Jill Is restrained to the ceiling caged in a cell she is beaten RAW. Bare closed hand punching with little to no recovery time at all. The male puncher rips off her top and beats her bear breasted slapping her
                                CAN'T BREAK ME -with- ANGEL DARLING: REVISED in Clear HD viewing quality. JILL LAUREN hires a professional Dominatrix to break her down. This Massively brutal powerful Dominatrix BREAKS Jill down into tears. Powerful blows pound Jill's complete mid-se
                                  Lexus attempts to take on the prop "Charlotte Black" with the newest modifications. She barely lasts 5 minutes as Riot punches her soft flat stomach. Revised (Clear HD) with pro audio sound and superior colors. Lexus Took on the most brutal prop while a L
                                    CHASA straight out of Mississippi. This MMA champion fighter and pro body builder comes to the studio to challenge Jill Lauren. Jill is severely and brutally beaten by this class champion losing the title she held for years. Jill has another opportunity
                                      Chasa takes on the new leaded gloves. REVISED IN CLEAR HD VIEWING QUALITY. Objective: Break down Chasa in the ring. No limits, no safe words. The leaded gloves were needed to penetrate the solid thick abdominal wall that Chasa tends to maintain for sole
                                        Cheating Slut (Revised): Clear HD Viewing. The Gang: CONTROVERSY, JORDANA, UPGRADE, CRAZYMAN. The Victim: ALEX. Weapons Used: Brass Knuckles, 2 Bats, Nightstick, Broom Handle, Bare Fists, Dumb Bell (Steel) Pointy Boots.The Goal: To destroy the stomach
                                          Put through a series of work out tests, the loser of each round of work out tests gets punched in the stomach as a punishment for losing. This hi-end custom video really works the girls to extreme exhaustion. All the girls have their stomach beat. "Conte
                                            UPGRADE -vs- JILL LAUREN with AMO. Solar Plexus Punching Contest to the finish. Stomach punching contest until there is a clear winner. Amo makes sure the contest is fair and holds the victims with arm behind back. Loser of the ABS punching contest gets
                                              ASHLEY GRACE tied up on the "Half-Barrel Wall" and beaten By EMBER SKYE in mostly the lower belly. Embers sadistic side is unleashed on Ashley as her lower flat hard belly swells up. Ashley's upper abs took the punches until beat red and sore. Jill then
                                                For The Money: Two girls who happen to come across Jill's website message "Girls Wanted" asked if they could be a part of "www.BellyPain.com" by having a Stomach Punching Contest. One of them turns on the other.,while bound and blindfolded one of the
                                                  FREE REIN: "FACE PUNCH KNOCK-OUT" Standing brave, ready to take on anything Controversy has to dish out. Rein takes it all and goes out lasting for over ten minutes of FACE BUSTING, Cunt BUSTING, Stomach punching, belly blows, kicks and what ever else Co
                                                    INSANE TRAMPLE: (REVISED) in Super Clear HD viewing. Upgrade and Jill Lauren. Most extreme trampling. Jill crushes Upgrade down to her spine as she screams in pain begging for mercy. Jill keeps the pressure on deep inside her stomach totally trampling the
                                                      Anintense no holds barred stomach punching Ring-Fight. With Hair pulling wrestling holds these naked oiled up fighting beauties are punched to complete exhaustion and they fight until there is a real clear winner. REVISED IN CLEAR HD VIEWING. ALEX vs Up
                                                        IN-TOXID CHASA Revised in Clear HD Viewing Quality. Chasa has well defined ABS and is very hard to beak down. Jill Lauren succeeds, busting the beautiful tone and conditioned body to the point Chasa Begs for mercy. The only way for Chasa to become...
                                                          Technology permits this video to be now offered in a Higher Quality with Superior Audio and Pro-lighting. This is extremely brutal belly punching until victim is UN-responsive. The Goal: To break down the abdominal wall. The Position: Everyone standing
                                                            Jill chained down naked and shiny with sweat,tied down on her stretch rack with a half barrel under her back. Ivy punches and stretches Jill mercilessly with very little pause between punches She hits Jill with a mallet,baseball bats, big wrench.
                                                              This is a 2 on 1 indoor locker-room beating. Ashley Grace. Ember Skye. Amo Morbia. Ashley goes to the locker-room after getting off work at the club. Ember gets into Ashley's face and they start arguing. Sick of hearing Ashley, Amo sneaks behind her and h
                                                                Maximum Security: Prison guard security wants answers from the sexy tough inmate that just will not give in at all. UPGRADE TAKES THE MOST BRUTAL BEATING and never tells what the guard needs to know. Trying hard the guard tries to beat the answer out o
                                                                  Megan Sky comes from another producer. Megan was sent to kick Jill's ass. Megan is super tough and was hired to take Jill out. However Megan was awakened! Megan Sky -vs- Jill Lauren in a brutal stomach punching contest and ground fighting bout. Jill Lau
                                                                    Erotic Belly Punching, A video taped session that broke all the rules.
                                                                      MIDRIFF PASSION (REVISED IN CLEAR HD VIEWING QUALITY) - The private party is on, Jill Lauren has way more then enough party drinks. Jill goes into the private party room and turns the music on loud. She calls a male friend to come over and and give her s
                                                                        CHASA challenges Jill Lauren and Cindy at the same time. Chasa opens her belly to be pounded anyway any position the two power hitter want. Can Jill and Cindy destroy Chasa or will Chasa hold up until the two hardest hitters get tired out and quit? Cindy
                                                                          POUNDED REVISED: Clear HD - The best display of Abdominal muscles contracting and flexing and receiving UN-flexed rapid punches. Total Abdominal destruction. Best display of a stomach punching while not able to take a breath. Taking Moriah's rapid fire
                                                                            Ember Skye, Amo, Jill Lauren Prison Shower: 27 Minutes Jill must have done something really bad to piss off two surprisingly strong prison girls who really lay into her. One holds her from behind while the other pounds her stomach relentlessly. The bul
                                                                              With the help of AMO our trained power puncher Jill Lauren fires one-two power punches on the blind-folded victim. Upgrades ABS are totally mutilated, busted and beaten as the no mercy combo blows break down the conditioned stomach with little to no reco
                                                                                Ember Skye, Amo Morbia & Upgrade* Ember beats down Upgrade while Amo holds her down. Just a very intense brutal beating as Upgrade takes extreme belly punishment from the girls. Ember holds nothing back as she punches Upgrade with her bare knuckles and..