Amo, Punched breathless! Cuffed ankles to wrists. A no mercy one sided Belly punching beat down. Watch as Amo seeks to prove her belly is tougher then the other girls. This looks like another classic. It's got all the main ingredients: 1.)-Pretty girl; not just a hot belly but a very pretty face too. 2.) Very hard punches, with a lot of them directed to the solar plexus. Amo's reactions to the punches are great too! It is clear, Jill loves every minute of the most effective blows deep into this girls belly and the result of each and every punch that gives this girl a very sore hurting belly as she gasps for air and tries to recover. choking and coughing, screaming in pain the punches do not stop landing. Seems Jill has turned into a real bully. Feeling bad for the girl, especially because of the way she cry's out in pain the belly abuse continues with little to no recovery time. Guess she will never doubt Jill's punching ability, or overestimate how tough her abs are, ever again. Incredible punch reactions from very hard punches that I'm sure are going to appeal to many of the fan base.

19 Minutes. DVD


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