RULES CATFIGHTING. This is the FULL Never released 22 Minute fight. Belly Punching rules fight. This is an open stomach fight, each need to be allowed to deliver the hardest stomach punching they can dish out on their opponent while grappling. Skilled wrestler Sherry takes on the UN-skilled fighter Jill Lauren. Jill uses her conditioned ABS to her advantage while Sherry uses her grappling skills. Jill has no wrestling or grappling skills leaving her slightly handicapped. Sherry uses her grappling and wrestling skills to her advantage pounding Jill's Belly in while her scissor-holds go to work on her. Jill takes the abuse and returns some nasty tactics right back. Sherry goes down and hits the mat but once both girls are on the mats Jill needs to make up for her lack of skills by pummeling Sherry's soft belly. Sherry's soft belly is beaten in worse then she ever had it in her lifetime. In the end after both girls are exhausted and beat up. Sherry scissor holds Jill until Jill was forced to tap out. This is an extreme stomach bashing rules cat-fight that goes to the ground and the hardest bare knuckle punching is turn both ladies mid-section beat red, sore and swollen.

22 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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