POUNDED REVISED: Clear HD -  The best display of Abdominal muscles contracting and flexing while receiving UN-flexed rapid punches.  Total Abdominal destruction. Best display of a stomach punching while not able to take a breath. Taking Moriah's rapid fire punches for 20 minutes.  Upgrade is worked over with little to no recovery time. Abdominal breakdown and punched until un-able to flex. After a while Upgrade is Blindfolded while enduring the rapid pummeling. Stomach punching while winded is clearly visible as gasps for air barley possible.  Moriahs grappling gloves pound that sexy flat abdominal wall thousands of times until busted completely. Brutal 20 minute beatdown by MMA fighter Moriah. Upgrade stands to prove how tough she really is as she takes the rapid force stomach punches that paint her entire mid-section beat red.  Moriah punches while un flexed. The gloves go in deep when Upgrade tries to breathe. Punched breathless prolongs the recovery and Upgrade takes it gasping for breath of air that is impossible to get. Moriah makes Upgrade go soft. Jill stops the beating and calls it when tears flow and the abdominal wall can no longer flex.

20 Minutes. 588 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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