This is a 2 on 1 indoor locker-room match. Cast: Ashley vs. Ember & Amo.
Ashley goes to the locker-room after getting off work at the  club. Ember gets into Ashley's face and they start arguing. Sick of hearing Ashley, Amo  sneaks behind her and holds her arms back.  Ember then starts punching Ashley in the stomach with  a series of hard right punches as hard as they can. Ashley is just  standing there unable to cover up or double over. They then switch. Ember is now holding Ashley's arms back. Amo is taking sadistic pleasure in punching Ashley's exposed stomach and abdomen with left/right combination blows.  While switching Ashley is just hanging by her hands  unable to cover up. Amo is now holding Ashley in the full nelson and Ember is doing the punching. Ashley could do nothing as she began to feel the  last of her breath slip away. After several rotations Ember & Amo finish off Ashley and untie her. Ashley then falls to the floor clutching her badly beaten midsection, coughing and gasping for air.  21 Minutes.  311 MB.  wmv file format.


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