CHASA straight out of Mississippi. This MMA champion fighter and pro body builder comes to the studio to challenge Jill Lauren. Jill is severely and brutally beaten by this class champion losing the title she held for years. Jill has another opportunity once again, to prove that she is still the all time champion by taking on this female terminator but this newcomer who has been training for the occasion, makes the challenges in in Jill’s own studio. Jill has been set up to take a merciless belly beating that bust her ABS down completely breaking her. Jill is busted by Chasa after she is tricked into having a few drinks to slow her reactions and ab flexing for the devastating blows by this fully trained power hitter. Jill loses her title… to end her reign… Jill busting out of her restraints falling to the floor. Then tied to the St. Andrews Cross then over the half barrel, Chasa now wants to give it back but with much higher intensity. Jill is busted over her own half barrel with devastating blows by the will trained Chasa. Chasa working out and training for years, Jill Lauren is no match. Jill took the ultimate beat down and was mentally and physically not ready for Chasa. Jill forcefully admits defeat but plans to get revenge. *This Video enhanced with brilliant colors, pro lighting, pro audio sound with higher quality file size.

20 minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview

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