The girl is wearing a bikini. She is seen flexing her abs and playing with her navel on the couch in the studio where Jill keeps her.  Jill will not let the Street Walker go until her weak stomach is conditioned enough to take punches.  Jill enters. The girl invites Jill to play with her navel hoping Jill will like her.  Jill puts oil on her abs and starts massaging her abs. After that,  Jill starts poking her finger deep into the girl’s navel. The girl takes the navel poking with multiple orgasms. Jill knows what the Street Walker is up to and tells her it's time for her stomach to be punched while on her bench. Jill Chains the girl down on the bench then Jill starts punching her abs (switching between abs punching and navel poking).  The girls climaxes from navel poking and after that the girl is forced to do sit-ups as she lies on the bench while Jill punches her stomach. The girl gasps and cries while Jill's fist impacts the weak belly until she can't take it. Then Jill puts on the MMA Gloves and pounds her poor little weak belly some more until she cries for Jill to please stop. Lots of navel and abs close-up shots. Street Walker is not ready to be let go. Jill exits keeping her locked in again. 
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