The supportive customer who ordered this video wanted to make sure that this was a completely unfair competitive match. Ava must be totally destroyed before the contest starts. Ava is made to work out her abs until totally ripped. Ava is made to use a weight and an incline bench as well as take punches during the brutal destructive work out. Once Ava is immobilized from her ripped torn abdominal wall then she is pushed into the ring by her competitor Tahlia. This handicapped match was forced upon Ava in order to bring down the AB QUEEN to total destruction. Tahlia fresh and new takes on Ava who is already beaten and destroyed from the start. This unfair competitions was put together for the main purpose to take a very well conditioned woman with hard six pack ABS and watch her become destroyed by the average girl next door Tahlia who does win the stomach punching contest. Ava looses because of the intense work-out that ripped her abdominal wall so she couldn't flex for the punches. This video shows the complete abdominal destruction before the contest starts and then shows the full contest as Ava's weak stomach fails to protect her. Doomed from the start Ava holds up the best she can but because she cannot flex from the extreme ab ripping work out she goes down and stays down for the beat the loser ending.

40 minutes. High Quality DVD. Free Preview.
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