Punish me, (she says in a low mumbled voice) Strapped up to the walls of the Dungeon she quivers as her long beautiful hair falls covering her eyes. It’s LILY with her back arched against the half barrel wall waiting for the Dungeon Master to give her the punishment she needs. Bad Lily has her mid section sticking outward all vulnerable and ready. The sexy gown about to lifted to expose the target of destruction. What she did wrong is not to be revealed as only LILY knows how bad she was. Lily’s stomach gets punched in by Dungeon Master as she is groped and abused, choked as her hair is pulled back. Punched through the thin cloth she wears, the thuds echo from the walls of the large cold room. Punched over and over Lily takes what she deserves. “PUNCH ME HARDER” she whispers to the Master.. And he does until her ABS are broken down until the Half barrel breaks her. Another victim pounded hard until released. Another sexy stomach busted, punched and pounded until finished. Lily pays for her secret mistake and left curled up holding her sexy sore red stomach. Sore and tender she whimpers from the brutal timed impacts that wind her while she barely twists and turns away for a gasp of air.

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