Two sexy pain sluts in bikinis.  They are lovers. Punch my stomach one of them ask. I want you to hurt me to see if I like it. Give me ten minutes.OK agreed Ten minutes. The wall clock ticks and the begging for mercy begins. Of course they agree to take turns. Now it's the others  turn and the clock ticks again until begging for mercy starts.  I want to feel you hurt me like I hurt you the pain slut says. The hot sweaty bodies are beat in with extreme hard punches. The chemistry between the two lovers show while they both are turned on pounding each-others stomach in. No mercy is giving and the pain sluts do each other in while mixing in a few minutes of paddle slapping and a few kisses on the battered bare belly. Two pain sluts give one another what they both need. The severe pain as they like will last for days. The bruises will last for weeks.

28 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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