Vanity's Roommate Eva once again has stole all of her water and drank it until her belly was bloated and hard from all the water. Her sexy round belly was so extremely bloated from forcing herself to drink all of the water that was left. Vanity decided Eva has to be punished for stealing all of her water and to teach her a lesson Vanity beat her roommate pounding at her sexy full stomach. All the water made her soft round belly hard and the thud sounding punches echoed throughout the room. Vanity started feeling sorry for Eva and let her punch at her stomach a few times but because she had no effect on her tough ABS Vanity punished her again for not being able to punch hard. So again Vanity punched Eva in the stomach while it was very full and bloated. Eva took all the punishment Vanity had to give and was left with a very red sore belly. Vanity kisses Eva's red sore belly turning her on even though her stomach was beat red. Eva was left holding her sexy round full stomach while Vanity left to buy more water. Eva learned her lesson although she likes to feel bloated from drinking a lot of water she will never steal Vanity's water again.

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