ENTICING MAGENTA :  This Appealing, Captivating, inviting woman with the most delightful stomach has tempted Vanity to beat that sexy desirable belly. With each absorbing impact Magenta voices  striking delightful  moans along with the most seductive reactions ever to be captured. The extraordinary powerful lady absorbs forceful stunning blows into the sweet spot luring Vanity to her irresistible inviting mid section. The shapely tease slides down the wall with a sucked in winded belly and the urge to win over this fascinating turn on. Winning against time with mesmerizing recovery's, this colorful stomach tempts another gratifying fist. Deeper each time she stands back up straight although already softened up for the next enticing thrilling  impact.  An extreme fascinating show of a punched, winded and recovering abdominal along with pleasing detail in excellent quality. Magenta is not to be missed in this enticing casting call audition that will leave you pleased with the most satisfying mouthwatering action in response to taking effective delightful blows.

23 Minutes. 550 MB. wmv format. Free preview.
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