Orgasmic Sensations Custom video order is a one of a kind not to be missed Back and forth erotic belly punching contest with arousing punches that go into the belly as deep as possible releasing intense explosive feeling of pain and pleasure that bring the delightful ladies to the peak of sexual excitation. All punches hit the bellybutton or close while all punches are held in for about 5 to 10 seconds each as the feelings show dramatically. Physical reactions are bending over while thrusting their butt out, clutch the forearm or the fist while it is buried. Vocal reactions are various sexy oomph or ooooh and ooof sounds ranging from cute High pitch to lower more sexy sounding versions. Facial expressions convey a sense of pain and pleasurable suffering with emphasis on pleasure including wide eyed open mouth stunned expressions, cross eyed, puffy cheeks expressions, some showing reactions to orgasmic sensations. The last few punches they are about to vomit and the losing model in brought to her knees while being pumped repeatedly many times causing intense pleasure and pain sensations as well as exaggerated versions of all the physical, facial and vocal reactions.

24 Minutes. 576 MB. wmv format. Free preview.
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