TABLE OF DOOM: Stretched tight on the Goddesses torture table rack the sexy victim Lily prepares for the wort beating of her life. With baseball bats, metal pipes, big heavy mallets and of course Vanity's bare knuckles a beautiful belly is destroyed, pummeled, battered, slammed while taut and stretched out as the Dominatrix cranks the table wench exhausting every abdominal muscle the victim has. The girl is beat extremely hard while not able to turn away from the vicious thud sounding blows from all the tools and weapons and bare knuckle stomach punching. Lily is pounded in her most vulnerable areas over and over. Vanity continues to turn the crank handle that makes Lily's body go numb. Punching that stomach in Vanity enjoys her sexy victim and she continues until Lily is UN-responsive and completely numb with a swollen sore stomach that turns beat red during the brutal pounding. At times Lily was begging for mercy so loud Vanity had to cover her mouth and continue pummeling her ABS while the silenced screams of pain were muffled. The sexy goddess Vanity is pleased with the outcome of her totally beat in victim and finally gives the limp numb body a kiss goodbye.

22 Minutes. High Quailty DVD. Free preview
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