Traumatizer -vs- Cassie:  Traumatizer has been updated with new technology that allows the Dungeon Master to  pressure control while the ball is fully planted in the pit of Cassie's sexy belly. With additional lighting added to the Traumatizer prop it is clear the ball can be driven deep as possible as the pressure is turned up  while the ball tip is already inserted deep in the pit of the beautiful belly. Cassie's reactions are extremely sexy as the ball tip pumps her stomach like it was fcking her deep in her belly while the abdominal wall gives out the higher pressures from the machine. After repeated deep pumping Dungeon Master slams the ball ram hard in Cassie. Cassie can not flex due to the ball tip wearing her ABS down and takes most of the impacts while relaxed and too exhausted to flex.

28 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview.
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