TABLE OF DOOM 2: Sexy Yoshi is destroyed with baseball bats, metal pipes, big heavy mallets and of course bare knuckle punches and steel ball poundings.. Yoshi's  beautiful belly is destroyed, pummeled, battered, slammed while taut and stretched out. The girl is beat extremely hard while not able to turn away from the vicious blows from all the tools and weapons and bare knuckle stomach punching.  Blind folded, Yoshi is beat while unable to see the brutal attacks on her lower middle and upper stomach. Her belly button is beat until swollen. The crank continues to stretch her body further than ever thought possible and the hits keep coming harder and harder. Yoshi's body goes numb while her mouth is covered and the battered is left completely swollen as the bruising brings out all the colors. Its a good night for Yoshi as she is punished beyond her limits.

23 Minutes. High Quailty DVD. Free Preview.
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