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Lily catches Upgrade kissing her friend and decided to trick Upgrade into the new restraints on the brick face wall. After restraining her to the wall Upgrade is secured to the wall she is at Lily's mercy. After she is secured, Upgrade becomes the victim of a non-stop stomach pounding that leaves her belly totally destroyed. The tough ABS are beaten to a pulp. After she is taught a severe lesson for messing around with Lily's friend and becomes numb to the non-stop belly punching that leaves her with a swelled up stomach, the destroyed princess is then introduced to to the Traumatizer (because of her super endurance) and pulverized for an additional 20 minutes.("Traumatizer -vs- Upgrade" will be the second part of this 20 video.) with no breaks from the first video she is then hammered with a sore swollen belly for the 2nd video.

20 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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