Traumatizer -vs- Sirra  A fetish model who never been stomach punched ever, This totally un conditioned belly punishment is for the soft belly lovers. The fetish model has no abdominal definition to protect her stomach from the massive deep penetrating Traumatizer. Amazingly the new girl holds up and takes the belly punishment like a champ even though the blows were penetrating deep and hard.  With little resistance and NO ABS  Sirra absorbs the deep hard blows and takes the pain and punishment for little over 20 minutes. The Traumatizer never looses and there was no mercy or leniency with the soft belly woman as it was cranked up to deliverer extreme pressure and speed into the battered stomach. Sirra was traumatized until she was barley responsive and her soft belly was destroyed completely. 

22 Minutes. 522 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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