Traumatizer vs Mandy: After Mandy takes a good beating from the Traumatizer she uses psychology  and seduces the Stomach busting machine. Challenging the big bad machine and Dungeon master at his own game.  The sexy young woman takes on the Traumaizer as if it's a sex toy. Pleasing herself and the Traumatizer weakens from confusion as the sexy horny wet woman starts to orgasm with each blow into her weak belly.  This woman breaks all the rules and climbs out from her restraints to use and abuse the attacking machine to her sexual advantage. Mandy puts the machine to shame as she takes full advantage of it and shuts it down while having sex with it. Mandy gets off on the fact she overpowered the big bad stomach punching machine while she cums all over the punching ball that was to take her out. At the start Mandy was afraid to death of the horrific set that was to destroy her and she screamed from every painful blow into the pit of her skinny tight belly. The Traumatizer may never be the same again now that it's weakness has been discovered. Mandy turned the brutal attack into shear pleasure, she tamed the machine.. Mandy BEAT the Traumatizer using her sexuality and street smart actions to win.

30 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free Preview
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