It is Mistress Upgrade mam, or you get punished. Lily has a hard time remembering and so she is punished by a severe extreme trample. Stomach punched once in a while for not obeying Upgrade tramples Lily and demands she keeps quiet. When Lily can not help but make sounds from the painful trample she is punched in the stomach as a punishment. Upgrade (Mistress Upgrade that is) Is ruthless and shows no mercy. Mistress Tramples with nylons (panty hose)  then removes them to dig her toes deep into the softest part of Lily's belly.  Lily is not allowed to make any sounds but often does. Mistress Upgrade names Lily her Bitch Slave and destroys Lilys stomach like a bitch slave deserves.

24 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free Preview.
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