Audition Casting. Back Stage with Playboy centerfold and playmate of the year Jemma Jordan. Directors Cut Post production behind the scenes endurance test. This is Back stage getting punched with a lead filled glove for 16 minutes. Jemma's reactions from the punches and her recovery. Superior lighting and High quality audio at it's best. This is to see if Jemma can qualify for the Traumatizer. Jemma insists she is tough enough to handle another shoot. During the last 4 minutes of this video she is introduced to the TRAUMATIZER. The behind the scenes of setting Jemma Jordan up, securing her and lining her up for total destruction. "Traumatizer -vs- Jemma" (coming soon.) Jemma Jordan has never seen the punching machine and did not know what she was getting herself into. This high profile public figure has never been punched in the stomach ever before and is in for a surprise of a lifetime.The mild punches during her test hurt her even though she flexed her awesome ABS. Jemma Jordan experiences the pain and suffering from Stomach punches by the most aggressive hard core Production Studio in existence. Jemma Jordan is absolutely awesome to work with as scared as she was she holds it together in this behind the scenes footage.

20 Minutes. High quality DVD. Free preview
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