Phoenix Doomed : Custom video order, with superior audio sound and excellent lighting. This two camera angle shoot revels it all. This custom video order was everything the customer asked for and that was for PHOENIX to be totally destroyed by tools, weapons of destruction as well as bare knuckle blows with and without the solid lead ball. Instruments used include small bat, mallet, steel ball, leather gloves, sticks and more. The torturer Vanity was instructed not to hold back from the very first punch to the last of the pounding. Slight caressing at times to allow the victim Phoenix to recover from each set of extreme punishment. The video switches from camera 1 to camera 2 to revel close up video of intense deep penetrating blows in clear HD. Phoenix has her stomach beat in with no mercy and was winded many times at she tries to twist and turn away. The stretch table was cranked during the extreme belly punching to keep Phoenix from flexing as she is pulled taunt. Mouth gagging during the deepest stomach punching was necessary to muffle the painful screams. Phoenix is left stretched tight on the table of doom with an extremely sore red swollen belly.  Phoenix's bellybutton was beat raw and her stomach shows immediate signs of welts and bruising. Phoenix committed herself  to this brutal belly busting video even after the company declined the customers scripted idea 3X. Phoenix takes the hardest deepest blows and punches to her perfect sexy stomach like a champ from the beginning to the end. Phoenix loves her fans.

25 Minutes. 603 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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