Gangsta vs Cutesy - Superior Audio Sound and Quality lighting were used in this two camera angle shoot that was nicely done with perfection. Revealing the best of the punches with a perfect angle you do not miss anything in this Casting call contest to compare of our newest girls reactions to the best deep hard blows timed perfectly to capture the best of the best reactions from two extremely different types of girls. Both ladies did their best to impress the fans. Both ladies took very hard unexpected punches and for the first time our Master puncher has been warn out from doing his best to give the fans what they want to see. The girls took punches BLINDFOLDED, (unable to see the punch coming). With leather gloves then with the solid bar lead filled gloves) Gangsta Girl with her rock solid ABS comparing herself to the Cutesy Girl with the sexiest looking soft perfect stomach made this an unbelievable contest type comparison. Both of these new girls aim to impress you hoping you like them and request them back. The hard thud sounding blows from Gangsta and the deep soft sounding impacts from Cutesy are captured perfectly with awesome audio and quality visual footage at its best. You are going to love these two as they both had positive attitudes and went all out to impress taking the pain and recovering for another.

24 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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