Lola does Lily in when she finds her in her closet after drinking heavily at a party. Lola works Lily over with wrist to ankle cuffs as she is positioned on the bench blindfolded. This two camera video shoot makes sure you do not miss anything. This was nicely done with superior pro audio and pro quality lighting. It is NON-Scripted  and no dialogue or story line for the full duration of the video. Punching and reactions only throughout the entire footage. A lot of LOWER belly punching and you will see her lower belly swell up extremely from the constant pummeling along with mid and upper abdominal punches. Solar plexus punches once in a while to wind Lily when she moves around too much for Lola's liking. Lily was so out-of -it she probably will not remember what happened to her but she will feel extremely sore with a reddened swollen stomach when she realizes that she had her sexy stomach and belly beat in for wearing Lola's panties and bra.

28 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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