Traumatizer -vs- PHOENIX;  Dungeon Master wrecks Phoenix's perfect sexy stomach targeting her LOWER BELLY, MID-section, and Upper-ABS with the Traumatizer cranking up the pressure to over 43 PSI busting that beautiful belly. The sexy goddess under pro-lighting and with superior Audio this was perfectly done with two Clear HD cameras that focus in close on the traumatizing solid lead filled cannon ball that impacts the toughest stomach with ease. Along with the close-up penetrating blows the second camera captures the distant full body destruction allowing filming of all the facial expressions of such a beautiful face as the ball slams into the pit of the Goddess Phoenix capturing the best reactions and recovery while the traumatizer is set for various speed and pressures designed to break anyone down. Phoenix barley holds up near the end while that heavy ball continues to pummel that beautiful perfect body. Dungeon Master sees to it Phoenix is left with a very sore swollen belly. The Traumatizer will always win and complete the task it was designed to do with each captured and restrained victim.

28 Minutes. 681 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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