DUNGEON SLAVE: The stunning Sexy Slave must comply and give in to whatever she has coming her way and take it all. No exceptions. The slave MUST submit to anything and everything with NOT a word to be spoken. No WORDS, NO SPEAKING, NO pleas for help or crying out for forgiveness. ONLY the sounds of the impacting fist and the sexiest recoveries ever. The beautiful fit, tone Streetwalker will not resist or fight back, she is to give up her defined tone ABS to please the puncher. She is owned as she is restrained to the chain-fall and she is a fully obedient submissive slave. No script, no acting, real impacts with real natural reactions captured with SUPERIOR SOUND AND PRO LIGHTING. Tastefully done with multi cameras. The target areas include the lower abdomen, middle, belly button, and upper Abdominal.  The Dungeon Slave is an exclusive HI Quality video and extremely well done. Excellent Quality and camera work (mounted on fixed tripods for distance and close-up) The visual abdominal flexing is extreme and the deep penetrating impacts work her stomach while the sculpted ABS flex and un-flex to protect or recover as well as push out the lingering blow that stays deep inside. Includes Solar plexus jabs leaving the stunning beauty twisting and turning, uttering and gasping in the most erotic way possible . This multi camera edit brings you no interruptions or distractions for the full duration. 

28 Minutes. 672 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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