Custom video order - Multi HD camera shoot - Superior Pro Lighting and Pro Audio Sound. Well, the scripted idea is simple: A belly punching contest, with punches allowed all over the exposed bare belly, with hands above the head. The contest is punch for punch, but if one of the girl after the punch reacts lowering her hands below shoulder level she has to take one penalty punch, if instead she double over and hold her belly she has to take three penalty punches. This until one of them can\'t go on more. The loser has to be beaten in her belly additionally. This is the girls first time meeting and they test each-others limits at first. The chemistry between the two goddesses is an instant bond and it it obvious they both are super turned on by one-another as they didn't want the contest to end because of the attraction they have for each other.

27 Minutes. 644 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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