Jemma Jordan is CAPTURED and is slave to Dungeon Master. Exhausted after being  hunted down, the beautiful Jemma Jordan remains barley awake to find herself hanging from the chain-fall helpless and weak. A consistent non-stop work over by the tormentor for the full duration of her time. Jemma never utters a single word as she hangs and takes the non-stop punishment. While her stomach is pounded over and over she grunts and moans but is too worn out to say anything at all. Sexy hot Jemma Jordan administers a mercy beating with out resisting or fighting back. Twisting and turning while taking light medium and medium punches all over her stomach area and un-able to flex she feels the pain during each blow to her mid-section. He restrains her on the chain fall and because she is feeling so weak, she can not flex her stomach for the impacts. It's lights out for Jemma Jordan after she has reached her limit and is left hanging with a  red sore swollen mid section. (This is a MULTI camera shoot with superior audio and pro lighting.) 

21 Minutes. 508 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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