Sexy Belly Girl Borrows money and can not pay it back. The deal is "STORM" (a woman that gets what she wants) and she wants to own Sexy belly girl (Vanity) to do what ever she pleases. Storm face sits and pounds Belly Girl making her lick her private as she is smothered and punched in the stomach. Belly Girl has to like it and love it and be an oral sex slave to Storm while she takes it in the gut. Belly Girl Vanity waits for Storm to enter then becomes the submissive sex slave to storm lying there taking all the punishment Storm can dish out because she could not pay the money back. The problem is Belly Girl LIKES IT and shows signs of wet panties from the Face sitting, smothering belly busting work over. Storm was so turned on owning Vanity that she kisses her submissive slave while pummeling that sexy flat stomach she owns. Sexy belly Girl is left with a swollen red sore stomach and she still owes Storm the money and she still needs to pay it back or else.  SHOT with 3 HD Cameras in High quality Pro lighting and superior Audio sound giving you the best deep thud sounding blows and this 3 camera edit gives you every possible angle.

27 Minutes. 654 MB. wmv format. Free preview.
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