EVIL TACTICS - Phoenix uses evil tactics to obliterate Streetwalkers Tight little stomach, lower belly, mid and upper abdominal area with many objects including bare handed punches and chops. Phoenix cranks the winch stretching out her victim tighter and tighter as all the instruments are used to bust those tight abs down to a very sore swollen red belly. Flexing and UN-flexing throughout, (even at times blindfolded) the thud sounding impacts leave their marks.  Phoenix works the girl over for the full duration even using the double handed claw followed by rapid Karate chops to inflict ruthless pain. This Hi-End custom is done well with three camera views along with the superior audio sound quality that captures everything while our winded victim has her sexy perfectly sculpted belly pummeled. Phoenix even enjoys fingering her victims raw tender belly button as it swells up during the intense torture. Weapons of destruction include a mallet, bat, solid lead ball, navel torture tool and bare knuckles.

30 Minutes. 714 MB. wmv format. Free preview.
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