Lydia for the very first time submits completely giving up her perfect stomach as she hangs in front of the half barrel wall, chained and blindfolded. Weighing no more than 95 lbs. her glistening sweaty defined abs are open and vulnerable to the Dungeon Master, who totally takes advantage of her skinny hard body. Perfectly hard, sculpted very skinny abs satisfy the Dungeon Master as he corrupts Lydia groping, fingering and fondling her into submission leaving her belly un-flexed. The extremely hard sweaty dripping stomach begs for the very first time while the lightest of punches greatly effect the new slave in training. Flat sexy stomach with zero body fat displays perfect abdominal definition as she inhales and ex hales. The solid led filled gloves make thud sounding impacts- left hanging from the chains in front of the half barrel wall Lydia's abdominal wall is clearly red and soar and busted. This sexy dungeon slave training video is nicely done with three HD camera angels and pro-audio sound with superior lighting. The lightest of impacts are greatly effective as the skinny hard weak abs take it. Lydia is now a well trained sex slave and ready. Left hanging dripping wet with a sweaty busted stomach the 95 lb sexy woman has fulfilled her desire to submit.

28 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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