CUSTOM VIDEO ORDER: The beautiful Kay is sitting at her desk at work when she starts to feel a terrible stomach ache. She starts moaning, and then pressing, squashing her soft belly. She clutches and squeezes her belly using her fingers and hands as the pain is to much for her. Then her boss, Lily sees her suffering and was happy because she had just recently found out that Kay has been dating her boyfriend. She walks over pretending to care, asking what happen, while she puts her fist into Kay's stomach to help relieve the pain. Lily then gets a cup of hot tea and puts poison in which to make Kay's stomach ache more painful. Kay does everything she can, pressing. squeezing and squashing her belly. When Lily returns to see Kay in so much pain, she is happy to pretend to help ease Kay's pain by pushing hard onto her stomach and watch her cry out in pain. Lily keeps squashing her belly deep until she unresponsive.This custom, HD multi- cameras video is nicely done with pro-audio sound and superior lighting.

25 Minutes. 596 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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