Today Phoenix turns on Lily. Lily is cuffed at the wrist and ankles on the red mats and now at the mercy of Phoenix. Phoenix wants Lily's stomach beat in severely while her sexy tough target is restrained.  Pounding that Stomach with her bare hands Phoenix has a field day on Lily's belly. Phoenix continues the pummeling while the swollen bright red, sore and tender ABS wear down. Once Lily's abdominal wall soften-ups and weakens the thud sounding blows turn to hollow soft deep penetrating impacts. Inhaling and exhaling Lily tries to turn away from the intense sucker punches. While Lily tries to recover Phoenix times her punches perfectly to  knock every breath of air from Lily.  Gasping for air the soft sexy stomach is destroyed and swelling. Lily gets her lower, middle and upper mid-section punched in and Phoenix is loving ever second of it. Lily is left in so much pain she turns over unable to take anymore. Phoenix stares down at her awesome work while rubbing her hurting hands. Phoenix is proud she turned a tough girls flexed stomach soft, tender and swollen soft. Lily stomach is completely mush and busted. 

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