CUSTOM Video order - Belly Pressing and Punching. Lily wakes up on with a stomach ache. Pressed her belly deep to showing how much pain she is going through. Crying out in pain She presses her own belly while lying on bed and rolling over, she sits and bend forward with hands and fingers deeply pressed into belly. Lily calls doctor Vanity to check out her painful stomach. Doctor Vanity arrives. Lily presses her own stomach and says her stomach hurts. Lily starts moaning in pain, Dr. Vanity starts to massage and press Lily's belly. While vanity is pressing Lily's belly, Lily sees Vanity's juicy soft belly and gets obsessed with it. Lily starts to press and squash Vanity 's belly and Vanity enjoys. Then Lily throws a series of punches to Vanity's belly which makes Vanity very painful so she starts moaning and pressing her own belly. Vanity then punches Lily back making her stomach pain much worse. Pro-Audio sound and superior lighting.

20 Minutes. 485 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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