Endurance Training:  Phoenix and Vanity are in need of Conditioning their ABS. They must endure and equal stomach punching work-out including sucker jabbing impacts, and every possible impact that would leave them breathless at times. The girls try to stay flexed at all times but eventually their abdominal wall losses strength and weakens. The puncher times his punches to deliver UN-expected  blows and jabs to insure the girls are fully trained and conditioned to be on the receiving end. Can Phoenix take what Vanity can take? Equally the girls are broken down until their tight ABS are softened up and un-able to flex fast enough for the attacker to penetrate with effective jabs into all parts of the mid-section including lower, mid and upper abs. Both girls do not want to quit and they stand to take the training until one gives out.  and goes down for the count. Very well done with MULTI camera views and pro lighting, superior Audio sound.

28 Minutes. 689 MB. wmv format. Free preview.
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