KELLI LYNN SAGE our studio dominatrix recruits a new comer LEANNI. Kelli is not too happy about Leanni not taking this serious, Leanni laughing at Kelli is just making kelli mad. Kelli tells Leanna she is going to wipe the smile off her face and she finally does by laying into the punches driving them deep into Leanni's sexy belly. Leanni's stomach become red and swollen. Leanni gets tender and really sore from Kelli driving them deep into the swollen red target area. Finally Kelli breaks down the new girl and when the pain gets serious reality sets in and sexy Leanni  feels the burn while Kelli continues to work that stomach breathless. Leanni takes all the punishment Kelli can dish out, mostly with a sweet smile, however in the end Leanni goes down and stays down clutching her beaten belly. The Dominatrix Kelli Lynn Sage has completed her task and her submissive gets a reality check.

20 minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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