FLAMING DESIRE: (Exclusive Video) - Phoenix & Streetwalker The fingers trace the gentle curve around the navel, then gather into a fist...which is BURIED into the trembling belly. The lips part in a soft gasp, followed with a slow moan of deep pleasure...then comes the soft murmur... "Punch me again, harder!" The fist returns to punch into the  again. A deeper moan follows...pleasure and lust mingled in the soft voice... Streetwalker and Phoenix continue to explore the erotic depths of stomach punching, this time taking turns hanging by the wrists, each offering her body to the other in a video so intensely erotic that it fairly screams for a sequel. The girls both clearly love taking it HARD in thebelly, and beg for it, again and again. Pain and pleasure mingle as soft voices plead for more...and then moan in delicious torment as each request is granted, over and over. The intensity of the passion runs so high, the girls' bodies tremble and shudder visibly in excitement. Each punch stirs the desire for MORE and HARDER punches, deep in the belly...the irresistible craving for taking more punches consuming both girls' lusts, which finally ends with Streetwalker taking Phoenix to the bedroom for sex. One of our hottest videos ever, we promise you. This is a multi-camera edit, with brilliant colors, superior lighting and pro audio sound.

37 Minutes. 885 MB. wmv format.  Free preview
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