Deputy Woods punches the trespassing victim in the stomach while chained to the floor sloped over a half barrel. Pacing back and forth watching the heaving belly swell up from the belly busting the target area is bowed outward. The abdominal wall weakens each time the victim lifts herself up. Lifting herself up to see what's coming just keeps on making those ABS weaker. Near the end of the brutal punishment the sexy flat stomach is so worked out from lifting up Deputy Woods is able to punch through the ripped abdominal wall leaving the stomach to swell up as bruising starts to show. Pushing her throat to the floor makes the target area wide open and stretched out for another sucker punch. And so it comes over and over until finally the blindfold is put on and the combination of busted ABS and not able to see it coming, the thud sounding blows become a hollow sounding. The breathless pounding finishes off the sucker punched girl. Multi camera angles, Pro Lighting and Clear Audio.

20 Minutes. 487 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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