Hardcore Extreme Brutal Belly Busting. Serious vomiting, puking, throwing up spitting etc...  Beaten by an officer this young lady has her guts turned inside-out and puked throughout the video by stomach punching. Officer Hobbs hoses her down a few times to clean her up then continues to deliver the gut wrenching blows causing intense pain and more sickness. Vanity throws up until nothing was left in her. Her stomach is totally destroyed inside and out. Victim left hanging in severe stomach pain with a belly so swollen it is bulging outward. The attacker tired himself out beating his target, wore himself out, and quit punching the swollen stomach after she could not throw anything up anymore. This custom order is extremely well done with multiple HD cameras and in brilliant colors, hi tech audio pro sound under professional lighting.  (Not for anyone with a weak stomach) For those that like to see a woman seriously beat while throwing up her guts in severe pain. The stomach punching before during and after puking caused the victim to be unable to hardly catch a breath only to be and hosed off so the attacker can back in there to finish his job.

20 Minutes. 491 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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