LEANNI MEETS PHOENIX: For the very first time these two meet in the studio. They instantly like each other and hit it off. Wanting to test to see who is tougher they have a punch-out contest. After an entire battle of stomach punches in different positions they both agree they are equally tough. To raise up the intensity a blindfold is used during the stomach punching contest so solid punches can not be seen coming and the UN-flexed belly is penetrated unexpectedly.   Excellent reactions are captured and the belly punching escalates to positioning the open belly target using wrestling holds. Having such a great time, they become punch buddies. Both fine ladies are winners and in the end after beating one another silly they both enjoy every minute of pain. This is a multi camera edit close-up shots, distant shots and perfect viewing angles. Brilliant colors and lighting with pro audio sound.

22 Minutes. 543 MB. wmv format. Free preview

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