The sexy hot Phoenix has severe Immense belly pain and stomach ache.  The girl can not stand the awful pain and starts pushing in and squeezing her poor hurting stomach. After a while Phoenix can no longer take the pain starts crying out holding her stomach. Vanity over hears and come to help her friend with her aching belly. Vanity begins to push and squeeze the hurting stomach as her friend cries out in pain.  Phoenix can't stand it any longer and asks vanity to punch her stomach while it is relaxed and soft hoping to ease the pain. Vanity pounds on the aching belly harder then expected and the pain only increases. Vanity tries desperately to help Phoenix and punches her right in her stomach even harder. Phoenix doubles over in so much pain vanity gives up and leave Phoenix to suffer with the most excruciating pain. The Immense treatment vanity offered did not help and Phoenix is left suffering even worse. This custom video order was done with multi camera edits, Pro Audio sound and pro lighting revealing brilliant colors.

26 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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