BLACK WIDOW : Custom request "Superheroine". Mixing REAL VIOLENCE with costumed heroic character. While the realistic scenario, the set and the setting are of-course made from a custom request the actual beating, reactions, chemistry and recovery are 100% real and true. Extreme Belly punching beat-down on our Superheroine from the Vigilante who times each recovery to determine if the powerful mighty woman is breaking down. Vigilante conducts a great degree of violence and the attack on the restrained victim is all out and this amazing woman does NOT ever give in. Antagonizing her attacker she takes it harder and shakes it off with minimal recovery time. The attacker who hurts himself tires out eventually gives up. The puncher is hurt, worn out and tied from the massive beating he delivers. Our Black Widow laughs, smiles and antagonizes after recovering. The cat-suited tied up victim rises up only to verbally put down her attacker for being weaker. This was nicely done with multi camera views, multi camera editing, rendered with brilliant colors and superior audio sound from all video cameras.

40 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview.

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