HONEY MALONE: A present for you awaits on the basement dungeon table. She is uncovered and the stomach punching begins. This multi camera angle video with pro audio sound and superior lighting brings Honey Malone to the stretch rack table prop. Honey remains fully dressed for half the video then is half undressed for the last half displaying awesome thud sounding abdominal muscles with multi angle stomach flexing as punched with very thin black rubber gloves. Honey is cranked arms over head while feet are restrained. Honey absorbs the impacts of her first abdominal work over while the closed handed punches bounce off her abdominal wall. Never punched in the stomach before Honey experiences for the very first time restrained belly punching. The puncher hits low mid and high getting all the thud sounding tones. The solid ROCK HARD ABS on this woman are worked over repeatedly as she squirms attempting to twist and turn away but the chained cuffs keep her in place securely. Perfect multi views with video cameras mounted on a fixed tripods with a touch of hand held close ups as well for the fine details not to be missed.

38 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview.
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