Fans Choice:  A Stomach Punching Contest to see who takes it better. This is suppose to be a fair contest but Lily says her punches were harder. Vanity Disagrees and says she can take it better. During vanity's turn to receive Lily helps by covering eyes and mouth while sitting over Vanity. Each of the conditioned ladies takes a series of punches while restrained arms over head by Storm.  As the girls take the power punches the other helps restrain the target area from twisting and turning. Covering the eyes and mouth of the one receiving. Many times helping the power hitter Storm to deliver very effective blows and making sure the punches count. Lily takes it a few times in the solar plexus as Vanity wants to see Lily take it harder. Lily and Vanity both take the punches very differently with awesome reactions, recoveries as the thud sounding impacts hit home. The fans choose who they think took it better.

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