Rampage destroys Ava in this video. Story-line: Ava has severe stomach pains. She feels terrible and her bellyache is severe. Ava has spent the rent money that was suppose to pay the rent.. Rampage wants the rent money. Rampage takes it out on Ava by destroying her stomach. Ava gets her stomach beat in badly with Power punches, some knees, and tools were even used. Ava gets winded and Rampage takes Ava out quickly. Rampage leaves AVA curled up in a ball on the floor in so much worse pain. Her stomach shows welts instantly from the beating. Rampage wants her rent money!  This is done with multi cameras on fixed tripods for mutli-views so nothing is missed. Super pro audio quality sound brings out the solid thud sounds of Rampage busting Ava's hard Abs. Lighting is pro-quality bringing out brilliant colors.

20 Minutes. 479 MB. wmv format. Free preview.
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