RIPPING IT. Honey Malone RIPS HER ABS to shreds.  While her trainer assists to make sure every abdominal muscle Honey has is torn the PAIN Honey experiences is the worst ever in her life. Total Destruction until Honey Malone can no longer flex her mid-section. Once she is un-able to move and is demobilized the trainer puts on the LEAD FILLED SAP GLOVE and forces the Completely exhausted woman to flex for punches. Honey Malone is punched continuously in the stomach by her trainer while her defenseless Abdominal wall is can not protect her and while attempting to flex the pain is absolutely unbearable.  Hony Malone RIPS her ABS then takes punches in the stomach by her trainer until she is left curled up in a ball holding her stomach in pain.

51 Minutes. High Quality DVD. Free preview
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