Restrained by wrists in the Dungeon Miley is attacked by the Dungeon Master. With her back arched against the half barrel wall she is afraid of the Dungeon Master. Miley has her soft stomach sticking outward all vulnerable and ready. Miley's stomach gets punched in by Dungeon Master as she is manhandled, groped, abused and choked.  Even the light impacts into her sexy belly make her cry.  Punched many times as the tears roll down her face Miley takes it all but not quietly. Light punches into her un-conditioned soft belly smack the weak stomach. Miley has a weak stomach and the lightest of punches make her cry. Another victim pounded and once released another sexy stomach is red and sore. Punched and pounded holding her in place by her throat and hair the target area takes another. Once she is released she goes down on to the floor holding her red sore worked out stomach. Dungeon Master was easy on this one while his punches were still very effective. Miley seems to be the Dungeon Masters weakest and most timid of girls, it didn't take much to leave her on the ground with a sore red stomach aching in pain. 

24 Minutes. High Quality DVD.  Free preview
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