Queens Battle: $300.00 Winner takes all. Scenario: Ava -vs- Phoenix in a solar plexus punching contest. Camera: Hand held focus on the punchee’s recovery. Zooming in and finding the best angle of stomach and face in one frame during recovery. Reactions: Natural , with the girls doubled up and/or writhing around on the floor, holding their stomachs and moaning, they try to get up as soon as they can, even if they are still hurting. Talking: The girls to talk to each other naturally. Conclusion: Once one of the girls gives up, the loser takes a final brutal punch. The winner collects the win bonus and leaves while the loser is still writhing on the floor in pain. Quality: Pro Audio sound, Multi Camera Angles, Superior Lighting, Brilliant Colors.

27 Minutes. 645 MB. wmv format. Free preview

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