Crimson Wild captured and chained. And so it goes this wild one who will be released back out after her time is up is completely helpless as she takes the punishment and torment while the creepy  Dungeon Master Plays with his fresh prize. Master likes his captured prize and enjoys every private moment with her taking his time working over her bare mid section as the red sore stomach muscles flex and un-flex. Blindfold at times during her pounding the dungeon masters creepy touching distracts this wild one from the quick jabs that penetrate deep in her sexy stomach while at times she can not see them coming. Just before complete exhaustion sets in and this wild haired woman is worked over until barley responsive, she receives thud sounding impacts into her tight little abs that echo off the dark dungeon walls. The creepy master likes this one although he knows she will never been seen again after her release. Multi-Camera views. pro Audio sound.

34 minutes. 823 MB. wmv format. Free preview.
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