Crimson Tamed: This stomach was so hard it just thudded with every blow. HARD thud sounds as the leather gloves bound off a rock hard stomach. The flexing and un-flexing on these abs in this video is extremely visual . When indeed winded (Knocked Breathless)  Her abdominal wall flexes so hard until fully recovered. Taking a about a minute each time to recover an incredible amount of extreme flexing is clearly seen.  The abdominal definition Lydia displays in this tormenting stomach beating while being sexually molested by the Creepy Dungeon Master absolutely stunning. While molested and groped for maximum distraction for the sucker punches, the impacts are very effective no matter how hard this chained woman tries to stay flexed. Bending her backwards and waiting for the exact second her flexed ABS weaken for a breath another punch is driven home. MULTI camera views, Pro Audio sound with Dimmed Dungeon like lighting for a perfect setting.

40 Minutes. 962 MB. wmv format. Free preview
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